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Rabbit Portable Vacuum Table for posters, stickers, art prints, signs


A compact, easy to use screenprinting vacuum table that uses a household vacuum cleaner for suction, with a simple counterbalance and a rudimentary register adjustment system. Sets up on a tabletop, and easily knocks down to store in a closet or out of the way when not in use. We use this type of press to print our posters at Flatstocks, Squeegeerama, and live events.

The press is easily adaptable to printing thicker materials or dimensional objects.

Newest version has tool-less speed knobs to release and lock register adjustment, and a handy slider to cut the vacuum off in between prints.

The biggest screen this comfortably fits is 25x36 - you can modify to take a larger screen by adding support shims under the screen corners. It will hold any smaller screens. (20x24, 20x28, 23x31 etc)

Overall size 30"x 36"x2"
Vacuum area 18"x26"
Printing table area 24"x36"
Does not include: pair of screen clamps, screen, vacuum, counterweight rock, or the printer shown - Andy Stern of Diesel Fuel Prints. In action at Flatstock 12, SXSW.

NOTE - we have a smaller size, table surface is 24x24, this works good with 20x24, 20x28 screens

Cost on the smaller table is $390, shipping about $10 less than the big one. Contact us to order the smaller version.

Contact us for more info, pictures, etc...there are over 2,000 of these tables in use - studios, schools, and businesses. [email protected]

Building Plans/instructions for this press and much more available at