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20x28 ECOframe restretchable screen frame


We are excited to offer the ECOframe restretchable screen system from Nortech. With improvements on the old Greenscreen system, these new frames and panels are now American made, stocked in all standard sizes, and feature Sefar mesh. Now you can create a newly tensioned screen in less than 2 minutes, perfectly, every time. Typical tension meets or exceeds typical static frames.

Best of all, if you are currently using stretch and glue frames in common sizes, and then buying more or restretching, you start to save money - and time- with the first restretch. With the 2nd restretch, you will save even more.

ECOframe panels feature the highest quality Sefar or Saati mesh. Also available in Hi-dro for a few dollars more. You can swap out one mesh count for another, and one color jobs, you can save the mesh WITH the stencil and remount later. Square frame profiles all around overcome the drawbacks to roller frames in traditional back clamp presses.

The system consists of (1) a frame and locking strips,(2) a tool, and (3) a mesh panel. Sixpacks of mesh panels are available in different counts, ranging from 83-305.

This price is for the 20x28" frame only. You will require a stretcher tool. See other product windows for other frame sizes, stretcher tool and 6 packs of mesh.

PLEASE NOTE: shipping costs are estimates only. Shipping and taxes vary by location and will be added or adjusted depending on your order.