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ECOframe mesh panels for 25x36" Frames 230-305 mesh count


These mesh panels come in a 6 pack of one type of mesh. They range in count from 230 weaves per inch up to 305 per inch. You need to specify what mesh count you want on your order (in the comment section), or we will confirm with you by email.

Please note, the unit cost on these panels is $24.75 per panel, but they are sold in 6 packs only (no single panels) of the same mesh count. Sorry, we can't break packages.

This is high quality Sefar 'e' mesh, not cheap offshore stuff. The panels have insert strips precisely sewn on all 4 sides. Start with white thread UP and roll a half turn then insert into the track on the frame. Once all sides are in, use the TRAX tool to tension each side. If it takes you more than 2 minutes to do this, maybe you should get a DTG printer and give up on screenprinting. IT IS EASY once you try it a few times.

PLEASE NOTE: shipping costs are estimates only. Shipping and taxes vary by location and will be added or adjusted depending on your order.

Meshes above 200 are dyed yellow for better stencil definition and holding small detail. Please contact us for a complete range of mesh counts available.